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Conquering Philly

November 13, 2017


It started four months ago. I got the itch to train for what will be my tenth marathon, a cool 26.2 miles. The difference is I am more committed to the word “TRAIN” this time around. I bought a shiny new calendar and starting on the first of July wrote my training plan out, day by day, miles upon miles all the way into November.


The AACR Philadelphia Marathon on November 19, 2017 caught my attention, as it is described to be a relatively flat course, a key feature if trying to run a Boston Qualifying time-- a goal of mine since crossing the finish line at my first marathon in 2013. For my age group, females 18-34, this means a time of sub-3:35 at a pace no “slower” than 8 minute 11 second miles.


Exactly a week out before the race, these photos capture the conclusion of my 550+ miles of training bliss (who am I kidding, it certainly wasn’t always all butterflies and rainbows!). I couldn't feel more ready for race day!




In addition to the stoke of entering my last week of tapering, I can’t help but also feel equally excited about the change of seasons happening here in Vermont (check out my last blog post on conquering frostbite as a ski instructor). Usually the drop in temps and early darkness make it impossible to get out of the #couchsack to hit the track. However, with the word “train” swirling around in my head, I’ve been putting on my Turtle Fur cold weather accessories and not letting the cold stop me! It’s amazing what a Polartec Thermal Pro Stria Single Layer Neck can do for your motivation on a frigid day!


My take away message: Don't let anything, especially weather, get between you and your goals. Keep striving to achieve the dream and let the positivity of your results shine outwards. I’m coming for you Philly!




Success! I ran a 3:30:41. A 12 minute 21 second PR. I'm coming for you Boston Marathon!




Photo credit: Samantha Purnell @sweatology & Jason Gerhart @jason_gerhart @fresh_world_press


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