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Take your fitness to the water

June 23, 2018


Playful, safe, informative, and a great workout! This is what you can expect from Kula SUP’s floating fitness classes.


Angie Hall of Kula SUP is a rock star of a coach. She is extremely knowledgeable on the sport of paddle boarding; you will be sure to learn new tricks and turns at the conclusion of her hour fitness class. Additionally, her presentation of the movements is communicated and demonstrated clearly. Her class is catered to paddlers of all ages and abilities. If you are looking to standup on a board for the first time, or sharpen your SUP skills, Kula has got you covered.



The SUP Fitness class begins with a dryland warmup. Here you will awaken your body with basic movements including air-squats and lunges. During this time, Angie introduces maneuvering techniques. By practicing paddle skills onshore it helps create the muscle memory required to perform them while on the water! For novice paddlers, you will be pleasantly surprised with the attention given to muscles you may have thought never existed!


Nestled in a peaceful Delaware neighborhood, Lake Como is a quiet and quaint body of water. It is such a relief to not have to worry about heavy boat traffic disrupting your workout. This makes Lake Como an exceptionally ideal space to transform into a SUP Fit studio.



I can’t stress enough how playful of an environment Kula SUP has created. Let yourself fail, let yourself fall! Come ready to get wet and you will be sure to have a blast testing the limits of your balance on Kula’s fleet of Glide paddle boards. Exercising on a floating object helps work finer stabilizing muscles, improving paddling and aiding in day-to-day life. Angie will have you moving all over your board, coaching dynamic functional and compound movements.


One of my favorite parts of the class was the training Angie provided on various turn techniques. You get to practice these fresh turns in both directions as you circumnavigate colored buoys. I have been dying to try to do a pivot turn! I love swimming and know how easy it is to climb back on my board, however, I have been too much of a chicken to give it a try on my own. Within minutes of Kula’s class, I was spinning the board around and squealing with joy as I fell into the water. Angie’s coaching was supportive and encouraging. With her guidance, I was in my element.




End your class with a trip around, and under, the Lake Como fountain! The sun was beaming through the flying water, creating just the right prismatic effect to cast rainbows in the sky. The water was refreshing, cooling my muscles after a solid workout.


My smile lasted for days after this workout. I cannot stop raving about how uplifting and fun of an experience Kula SUP creates for paddlers. Kula SUP offers these, and similar classes, in other magnificent locations, check out their schedule for more information.


Playing on the water, while exercising my body—it does not get much better than that! You will be hooked!




Photo credit: Jason Gerhart @jason_gerhart @fresh_world_press

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