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Mr. Gritty "the" adventure kitty

October 2, 2018


During a three-month camping trip, my humans dragged me all around the country in a small dog harness. HOW EMBARRASSING. When I heard that RC Pets was coming out with the Adventure Kitty Harness, I needed to get my paws on one stat. I was excited to see that they come in several colors. Clearly, the teal compliments my shiny coat purrfectly.



This harness is made for cats. The fit doesn’t leave an open gap for a big silly dog’s head. Meaning, I can’t back out of it when I’m feeling naughty. This is probably for the best; I think my humans make me wear it to protect me from cars and predators. Total helicopter parents . . .



Overall, I am super pleased with this updated cat harness. The chest piece is comfy and it does not pinch my furry armpits. It makes me feel like a true part of the family when I can adventure places with the two-legged walkers. The team at RC Pets knows the needs of picky felines like myself, and factored them all into the Adventure Kitty Harness.



Four paws up!



P.S. My little brother Todd (@_hot_toddy) LOVES RC Pet Toys. He’s obsessed with our new jingly wool seahorse handcrafted in the Himalayas. He is lucky I know how to share! Not going to lie, it is pretty cute to watch him play with it.




Photo credit: @fresh_world_press

Follow my adventures: @mr_gritty



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