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How 805 CBD helped our cat

July 1, 2018

Meet Mr. Gritty: The EXTREME adventure kitty 


Your pets are your world. They are a part of your family, they provide unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of purpose when you need it the most. As our pets get older it is quite painful as their humans to watch them start to slow down. Movements that they could practically do in their sleep as puppies or kittens become more and more challenging with age. Food is less appealing, and underlying health issues start to develop in a secretive fashion. This stage of being a pet parent truly sucks.


Our 15-year-old tabby, Mr. Gritty the extreme adventure kitty, hit this phase, and like a lot of cats, hit it fast. These are the times when I wish the artificial intelligence from movies or shows like Westworld existed in real life and someone could just sneakily build me a perfect robot version of my cat and swap it out while I’m sleeping.


If you’re like me, you would do anything to bring a little life, comfort, and relief to your fur baby. This is why we turned to 805 CBD and their 150mg Pet Friendly formula. Locally made in Ventura, California; it is organic, lab tested, pesticide free, and a zero THC product.


What is up with the hype on CBD you ask? There are many well-known findings on the benefits of CBD oil, these are the three main reasons we chose it to treat our cat:


1. CBD relieves pain: Scientists are considering CBD as a new class of drug for the treatment of chronic pain. This pertains to pain caused by general inflammation, intestinal inflammation, nerve-related pain, as well as the impact of inflammation involving the type of stress that causes degeneration and premature aging.


2. CBD increases appetite and helps with nausea: The National Cancer Institute reports that CBD increases appetite. Studies show that CBD for dogs can help with vomiting and nausea, even when they are the result of toxins and drugs.


3. CBD oil reduces anxiety: CBD has been extensively studied for its effect on stress and anxiety. In humans, research shows it can reduce anxiety caused by public speaking, reduce anxiety in both healthy people and people with anxiety disorders and be effective for panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. Now I can’t say that our cat has ever been an “anxious cat,” however, when your health starts to rapidly decline it seems likely that even for a cat you’re not going to feel quite like yourself.


CBD is not psychoactive, promotes cardiovascular health, and has even been shown to stop cancer cells from growing, increasing tumor cell death, plus it is a safe and legal product! There is less research on the effects of CBD on cats compared to humans and dogs, however, when we consulted with our incredible vet, she approved of the treatment.

 805 CBD: Pet Friendly 150mg CBD Oil


We were excited to give him his first dose, about ¾ of a dropper full, just under the 5mg dose recommended for small dogs. Over the course of a two weeks we gradually increased his serving size until he was taking just about 5mg (or a full dropper) in the morning and one in the evening. We saw a slight improvement in attitude and appetite fairly quickly and as the treatments progressed he seems wonderfully calm and relaxed. He was able to settle down in his favorite napping nooks with more ease.


Although it is heartbreaking to know that Mr. Gritty is in his twilight, knowing that we were able to provide him comfort through the end is an invaluable peace of mind. Rest assured that this cat has lived far beyond his nine lives! He has visited 8 National Parks, learned to love the beach, was featured in a Subaru video, grew up in a wild Vermont backyard, and now has a sunny SoCal patio to retire on.


We truly appreciate 805 CBD’s Pet Friendly oil; Mr. Gritty is beyond thankful too! 805 CBD has allowed us to provide our buddy comfort in his grand finale, and for that we are forever grateful!


See you in the wild buddy!



Photo credit: Jason Gerhart + Shelby Farrell @fresh_world_press


Fresh World Press is a duo from Vermont, now located in Ventura, CA, specializing in creative writing and photography. Follow their journey on Instagram @fresh_world_press and at freshworldpress.com.

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