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Beat the elements with Turtle Fur

December 16, 2019

We’re not talking about lounging in a hooked-up Luxe RV at a trailer park. Our Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth is about turning the outdoors into our living room. With that, we need to be prepared for the elements. Not to mention, when we’re out there we’re doing things. This means, a road trip will never equate to a ditched training plan or avoiding fitness goals.



One of the unique elements of a road trip is the potential to drive through different climates. We’ve driven across America three times now. All different routes, all different times of year. Even if we were weather buffs, mother nature is unpredictable! The craziest: South Dakota-- hail in July and Kansas-- snow and 17 degrees in October! Having the right cold weather accessories on hand will assure you’re comfortable throughout every adventure.


Gas up in style: Bright Knit Beanie


Turtle Fur’s beanie collection is by far the largest and hardest to pick from! (Good problems to have!) We were stoked to find this lightweight, loose but not sloppy, colorful, but not crazy, hat. Jason picked it out, but I plan on stealing it from him…


Remember trucker hats are great, rain or shine!


Obviously, a hat with a bill is thought of when it comes to keeping the sun off your face. It provides shady respite for your eyes. We really dig wearing a trucker in the rain too! It keeps the rain from rolling down our cheeks. Mini umbrella status! The Snow Creature truckers are vibrant and help get us seen when we’re running on the road. Bonus: They dry super-fast!



The Picture This Trucker and Twinning Ballcap


Totally Tubulars ALL DAY.


A serious must-have is the Totally Tubular. We basically live in our tubes. It helps keep that chill off your neck no matter what activity or lack thereof. Let’s give a more hardcore example of why this rectangular piece of fabric should be your best friend:


The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Running Race


Start at 5:00 a.m. 40ish degrees, dark and cold. The TT kept my cheeks warm, and by warming the back of my neck it truly relaxed me. My shoulders weren’t tight around my ears in defense mode. A bad chill can really zap your energy.


It’s 7:30 a.m., the sun is rising and the San Francisco fog has completely soaked my head. I’m dripping. I pull my tube up as a headband. Moisture absorbed, wet hair out of my face. I’m comfortable, I’m running strong.


9:00 a.m., the warmth from the sun feels marvelous, I remove the tube from my head and wrap it around my wrist. Now I can use it to wipe the sweat from my brow.


2:00 p.m., the finish line is coming, but the shadows are cooling the trails down. Good news! My totally tubular is still stashed around my wrist, back to headband mode!


I mean, I really couldn’t think of a better accessory for a 13-hour day of adventuring in the wild.


Another one of our new favorites are the Overhoods!


The Kyle Overhood and Weekend Warrior Overhood are great over a helmet on the slopes, or when trying to get cozy at camp. Overhoods fully block the wind and weather from sneaking down your back. They cocoon your cheeks and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m totally guilty of sleeping in mine on several frosty occasions.



The lesson to learn here is: Be prepared! Getting too cold when out exploring can be a game ender, whereas, having the layers necessary to stay warm in a frigid situation is a game changer.


It’s not just about the extremes. It’s as simple as feeling more at ease when your body is a happy temperature.


So, pick your accessories wisely, get outside, and play!


Get your gear >> HERE!


Photo credit: Jason Gerhart @fresh_world_press

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